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The Future Energy Solutions conference will take place on 10–11 September 2024

Registration is open. Welcome to join us in beautiful and energetic Lappeenranta!

Conference fee (covering the catering costs): 125 € + VAT 24 %
Deadline for the registration: August 31st 2024

The main theme: Accelerating the Green Transition

The most powerful energy conference of next autumn will take place in Lappeenranta, Finland! This year, the main theme of the international Future Energy Solutions conference is Accelerating the Green Transition. Welcome to network and hear high level speakers from the Finnish Government, the European Commission, energy companies and research communities!

Topics of the conference:

Renewable Energy Solutions
Green Hydrogen – Opportunities and Future Scenarios for Finland
Energy Markets: Energy Efficiency and Data Solutions
Future Electrified Mobile Work Machines
Electric Mobility

Want to gain visibility?

Want to gain visibility for your company or organisation during the conference? Book a small stand for free in front of the Lappeenranta Hall, next to the conference auditorium. Your interest in the conference stand is asked on the registration form.



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Welcome to the climate capital of Finland


The registration is now open!

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The Lappeenranta Fortress from above. The sun is shining and there are multiple historical buildings. Harbour of the Lappeenranta is in the background.


Lappeenranta, the climate capital of Finland, creates sustainable success stories together with residents and companies. The European Green Leaf Award 2021 winner and the brave central city of Southeast Finland is a solution-oriented pioneer in renewable energy and science education.  

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