Lappeenranta, the climate capital of Finland, creates sustainable success stories together with residents and companies. The European Green Leaf Award 2021 winner and the brave central city of Southeast Finland is a solution-oriented pioneer in renewable energy and science education.  

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Welcome to cheerful Lappeenranta!

The city of Lappeenranta won the title of the European Green Leaf 2021 in a competition organized by the European Commission. Nature and sustainability values are at the heart of our operations at the purest Finnish lakeside destination.

The colourful events and historical attractions in Lappeenranta, together with the region’s magnificent nature, offer unforgettable experiences year around. Lappeenranta is a popular destination in Finland and a hub of lakeside tourism along the shores of Lake Saimaa, Europe’s 4th largest lake. Lake Saimaa, it´s known for its beautiful scenery and pure nature. Lappeenranta’s cultural landscapes are steeped in history and provide a wonderful setting for enjoying an almost Central European atmosphere. Lappeenranta offers great opportunities for shopping, culture, and relaxation. The longest shoreline boulevard in Finland, cultural events, guaranteed activities, and the Lake Saimaa archipelago provide things to do and experience.

The enchanting Fortress and its museums, shops, cafés, and summer theatre invite you to enjoy the modern Karelian spirit. Lappeenranta has grown with Eastern and Western cultural influences that are best visible in the old town, the Fortress. The oldest buildings, including the guardhouse at the Main Gate, the Museum buildings and Finland’s oldest Orthodox Church date from the latter part of the 18th century.  

Lappeenranta is easily accessible by train, bus, plane, boat or car. Lappeenranta is only 215 kilometres from Helsinki. Ryanair brings you to Lappeenranta from multiple destinations and LPP Airport is located only two kilometres from centre and harbour.   

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Greenreality in Lappeenranta

Greenreality Lappeenranta means ecological thinking, knowledge, responsible choices and, above all, actions towards a sustainable tomorrow. We build the future together with citizens, communities and companies. A green Lappeenranta is a key goal in the city strategy in terms of both residential comfort and industrial policy. Our actions are based on resource wisdom and carbon neutrality. Lappeenranta is striving to generate growth and new business operations, particularly in the fields of green electrification, circular economy and water technology.

The city of Lappeenranta coordinates the Greenreality Network which is is a network of the Energy and Environment sector’s companies operating in South Karelia. It creates growth and new business opportunities for its members as well as the entire area.