The venue for the second Future Energy Solutions Conference is Viipuri Hall in the LUT University Lappeenranta campus.

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LUT University’s campus in Lappeenranta is in the district of Skinnarila. International community, world-class laboratories and great facilities are located nearby the nature and the Lake Saimaa. The campus is roughly seven kilometers from the Lappeenranta city center.

Under the same roof, LUT has a business ecosystem which includes the university’s research and education units, students, alumni, enterprise networks and business accelerator Green Campus Open (GCO), the J. Hyneman Center (JHC) for rapid prototyping, the LUT Entrepreneurship Society LUTES, and the cleantech seed investor Green Campus Innovations Ltd. (GCI). Also the award-winning LUT Junior University operates in Lappeenranta campus.

LUT takes environmental responsibility into consideration in campus operations. For example, 100% the electricity LUT purchase comes from renewable sources, and 0% of 181 tons of waste was landfilled in 2021. The campus cities are very important partners for LUT in decreasing emissions from commuting. For example, LUT is committed to continuing the availability of rental bikes on the Lappeenranta campus.

LUT aims for carbon negativity by the end of 2024 and mitigating climate change. Goals are achieved in collaboration with campus cities, campus property owners and campus restaurants. Read more about the co-operation in sustainability: